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Prices of precious metals could be influenced by political factors and market news as well as by its supply and demand. Precious metals are experiencing extreme price movements in recent years, and hence are attracting more investors.

AETOS provides metal products in the form of CFDs. Investors can benefit from the live tradable prices as well as its ability to sell short or buy long.

AETOS provides extensive range of metal products, including gold, silver, copper and palladium.

High grade copper

Gold, different from general merchandise, has possessed monetary, financial and commodity attributes from the outset of discovery by human, and runs through the entire history of human social development, but its financial and commodity attributes exhibit different role and influence in different historical stages.

Gold has been found and used by human since a very earlier time. As gold is rare, special and precious, it has been regarded as the first amongst the 5 important metals, and was titled as the "king of metals" since ancient time. The reputation of gold cannot be matched by other metals. As a consequence, gold once was a symbol of wealth and luxury and used for financial reserves, money, jewelry and so on. With the development of society, the economic status of gold and commodity applications have been constantly changing, its financial reserves, monetary functions are in the adjustment, and the commodity function is returning. With the rapid development of modern industry and technology, the use of gold in these areas has gradually expanded, while so far, gold is still the dominant metal that used in the international reserve currency, jewelry and other areas.

Silver was once playing a major role in reflecting the currency in the United States. The U.S. Congress currency circulation was silver-based and linked to fixed gold. Silver has been used in the coinage of the country until 1965. After centuries of evolution, silver was given more important economic functions, it is an important industrial raw material used in photography, jewelry and electronics industries.

Today, silver is becoming a precious industrial commodity and an attractive investment product. As a precious metal, silver is also an investment product preferred by general investors. 

Copper is an important industrial raw materials with high market maturity, it has both financial attributes and commodity attributes, closely related to macroeconomic indicators. Copper is one of the popular trading commodities preferred by investors.

High grade copper is such a widely used good in industries that it is an excellent gauge of global economic activity, especially in production. Therefore, supply and demand of copper are a critical factor reflecting the market sentiment. High grade copper is traded all over the world nowadays.

The largest producer of high grade copper is Chile, followed by China, Peru and the United States. The United States is the primary user of copper.

Palladium is a rare white precious metal. Palladium is a symbiotic ore with platinum and they have many similarities. However, these two metals are also very different. Palladium is by far the most common metal investment products that is widely used in various fields including dental industry, automobile manufacturing and even underground sewage treatment protection. Automobile catalysts are the largest consumption area of platinum and palladium alloy, accounting for about 63%, while consumption in electronic instruments at 21% and 12% in dentures, and 4% in jewelry.

Annual output of palladium is about 8.1 million ounces. Russia is one of the main origins, accounting for 67% of total global supply, South Africa accounted for 23%, and North America accounted for 8%.


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 Trading features of metals:

  •  Ideal for short or long term investment products
  • One of the most diverse market with high liquidity
  • Nearly 24 hours trading for 5 days per week

How does a Metals CFD work?

Example 1-Buying 1 lot of COPPER CFD contract (which has a contract size of 50,000 pounds) in view that copper price will rise.

Description Calculation
Buy/Long 1 lot of COPPER CFD contract at the ask price 209.50 U.S. cents (or USD2.0950) 1 x 50,000 x 2.0950 = USD104,750 (contract value of 1 COPPER CFD contract)
Initial Margin to be deposited into your account, which is pre-set by AETOS Capital Group USD3,000.00 (Initial Margin)
Closing 1 lot of COPPER CFD contract (Sell/Short) at the bid price 210.50 U.S. cents (or USD2.1050) (2.1050 - 2.0950) x 1 x 50,000 = USD500.00 profit

Example 2-Selling 1 lot of XAUUSD contract (which has a contract size of 100 ounces) in view that XAU price will depreciate against USD.

Description Calculation
Sell/Short 1 lot of XAUUSD contract at the bid price 1,283.00 1 x 100 x 1,283.00 = USD128,300 (contract value denominated in the Right-Hand-Side (RHS) currency)
The leverage level set for this product is 100:1. It requires an Initial Margin to be deposited into your account, which is 1% of the contract value USD128,300 x 0.01 = USD1,283.00 (Initial Margin) Subject to underlying price movement
Closing 1 lot of XAUUSD contract (Buy/Long) at the ask price 1,285.00 (1,285.00 - 1,283.00) x 1 x 100 = USD200.00 loss


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